10 Travel blogs written by women travelers

10 Travel blogs written by women travelers

As time passes, the true power of women in world is surfacing the Internet and everyday news. We are aware of the struggles that every woman goes through for traveling alone or even saying her problems on her blog. But here are 10 brave women (in family) by Catcher pouch:

1. Travel Shop Girl

In addition to Travel Shop Girl, Marian also showcases in and has her work featured elsewhere, both in print and on the Internet. So you better get to it!

2. The love assembly

Aubrey is a Photographer, best-selling author and the creative mind behind The Love Assembly blog and  digital content studio.


3. Hey Nadine

She, Nadine, is a top travel bloggers on YouTube who travels the world and shares her experiences and travel expertise through my videos and on Instagram. Her travel credentials include over 51+ countries visited, all photographed and recorded on video over the last 9 years and shared to her over 463,000+ subscribers on my YouTube channel.


4. Angi away

Angie Orth, a Southern lady with a perpetually packed suitcase, the Jane Austen canon on her Kindle and an instinctive need to tell stories about her adventures – be they 3,000 miles away on a pristine mountaintop or in her garage where she’s experimenting, to varying degrees of success, with DIY projects she finds on Pinterest.


5. Anna everywhere

She has visited countries on all 7 continents and lived in 8 countries, She must be heard though!

women6. Aileen 

A Filipino girl who quit her corporate job to live a sustainable travel lifestyle.


7. Bucket list journey

Annette, an author, a business woman and an adventurer. She is an obsessed new experience collector; her passion is for checking the world off my bucket list one adventure at a time.


8. World of Wanderlust

She has been living out of a suitcase since she was 20 years old and visited more than 70 countries across 6 continents.

blogs9. The Blonde abroad

Kiki is a California native, who left her career in corporate wealth management six years ago to embark on a summer of soul searching that would change the course of her life forever.


10. Dani Meep

She is a photographer, traveler, content creator and social media manager. The lady is inspired by the roadrunner that’s why her name has a Meep! She is an interesting girl.




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10 Travel blogs written by women travelers
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