Backpacking Europe – Phase II; Budgeting & Money

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Initial Trip Planning; Budgeting & Money

This step-by-step travel guide was created by the savvy backpacker team to prove that planning budget travel doesn’t have to be daunting; whether you’re backpacking through Europe or just a budget-minded independent traveler. Read this article about budgeting and money to cover the expenses via Catcher pouch.

Previously you have read on our blog “Backpacking Europe Phase I” how to initially plan for your Europe trip. In this blog we will be diving into the Million-dollar question… how much does it actually cost to travel through Europe? Below are some helpful articles to help you estimate how much money you’ll need to backpack Europe on a budget. We will also cover things like using ATMs and credit cards, exchanging currency, and other money-related issues.

Budgeting and Money

  • Estimating your Travel Costs

You have to break down your expenses in Europe to your priorities; If we want to break down and give each part a title it would be:

  1. Accommodation

    Rental apartment, Hostels, Couchsurfing

  2. Food and Drink

    Which varies in each city

  3. Sightseeing and Attraction; here are some examples
  • Louvre Museum (Paris): $17
  • Centre Pompidou Museum (Paris): $18
  • Tower of London: $37
  • Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam): $20
  • Walking Tours: Free (guides work on tips) or $15 for paid tours
  1. Public Transportation; here are some examples
  • London Tube (w/Oyster Card): $4/off-peak single fare or $14/all day
  • Paris Métro: $16 for 10 one-way tickets
  • Amsterdam (tram): $23 for 72 hours of unlimited travel
  • Budapest (bus and subway): $17 for 72 hours of unlimited travel
  • Prague: $1.60 for a single tram ticket
  • Barcelona (metro): $1.40 for a single ticket on the metro
  1. Alcohol

    Europe has an insane amount of good beer and wine — so you should sample all you can. And let’s be honest, most backpackers drink their fair share as they travel around. Just be cautious because those big nights out can cost you a fortune — but I don’t have to tell you that. As always, buying alcohol from the grocery store is a great way to save a lot of money.

    Budgeting & Money, travel, Europe, cost, shopping

  2. Buffer Money

    We like to keep a “buffer” fund for emergencies and unexpected expenses like laundry, souvenirs, toiletries, clothing, skydiving, missed trains, etc.

  • City Prices

If you travel with knowledge you of course search for your whole cost of staying or seeing Europe and we suggest you do that as soon as you decide to plan for the trip.

  • Using your money in Europe

Make sure you always are aware of exchange rate, Using ATMs, using debit/credit cards, avoiding or minimizing foreign transaction fees and more.

  • Daily Money saving Strategies

When we talk about money saving strategies, do not think that it’s a simple task. You have to follow so many routes to get there such as:

-Only eating at lunch specials
-Grocery store shopping
-Farmer’s market shopping
-Cooking your own meals
-Try not to get hungry so often
-Free breakfasts at hostels you stay in
-Find cheap bars
-Street food
-Leave the tourist area
-Avoid asking for mineral water
-Book directly with your hostel
– learn cancellation rules
-Split a hotel
-Overnight trains

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