Backpacking Europe – Phase III; Packing & Travel Gear

Travel gear , Europe , dress , light

Previously you have read on our blog, Backpacking Europe Phase II how to set budget for your trip and how to occasionally save money while you are in the trip. Read this blog by the savvy backpacker team via Catcher pouch. Packing for travel in Europe can be confusing and frustrating; especially, if you’re backpacking across Europe or just trying to pack light. These guides will help you choose what clothes and travel accessories to pack and has advice on packing light.

Packing & Travel Gear

  • Europe Travel Packing list

Make sure to prepare a packing list and include all your necessary items needed in your trip but avoid over packing because you will be shopping eventually in your trip.

  • The Best Travel Backpacks

In this case scenario, we think only a picture will suffice.

Travel gear , Europe , dress

  • Travel Gear buyers guide

We have tried to review a lot of travel products over the years and will categorize travel gears into:

1.Travel footwear(Make sure it’s waterproof)
2.Travel Clothing(Underwear, Sock and fashionable travel clothes)
3. Travel Electronics(Digital cameras, smart phones, travel apps)
4. Travel Aids (Day packs, packing cubes)

  • How not to look like a Tourist

It’s not always easy to stay fashionable while also living out of a backpack or suitcase. Here are some tips for not looking like a tourist.

Most Europeans dress much more casually so do not pressure yourself a look at some European influencers will be more than enough for you to get the grip.

  • Travel packing and organization strategies

A picture can say so much more than words!

Travel gear , Europe , dress

  • Backpack Vs. Suitcase

Do you need a backpack to travel Europe? Of course not. Plenty of people use suitcases.

  • Winter travel packing tips

Winter travel is great but you need to know how to dress properly for the cold. Search through ski shops to learn tricks on how to dress appropriately for winter and not look like a snowman.

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