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Backpacking Europe – Phase IV; Finding Accommodation

Previously you have read on our blog Backpacking Europe Phase III how to pack and prepare a list of needed and not needed for your travel/backpack to Europe. In this blog we will be talking about. Read this blog by the savvy backpacker team via Catcher pouch. Accommodation is one of your biggest expense. In this section, we’ll focus on hostels, rental apartments, and Couchsurfing.

Finding Accommodation

  • Guide to European Hostels

Hostels are possibly the best type of accommodation for backpacking/budget travelers in Europe.

  • They’re inexpensive.
  • Located in every European city.
  • Full of other young travelers.
  • They make it easy to meet other travelers.
  • There are a lot of excellent hostels since competition between hostels has grown considerably over the past 10-15 years.

Unfortunately, hostels are pretty uncommon in the US, so many Americans are totally clueless about them and have a lot of misconceptions (I know I did). This complete guide to hostels in Europe will cover everything from hostel basics to tips for choosing a great hostel.

You can also search what is a hostel and how much does It cost which will be usually $34/night and search for hostel in every city that you want to stay in.

  • Europe’s best hostels

Europe has a ton of amazing hostels. We’ve listed a few examples for you to search through them:

  • Best hostel in Madrid, Spain:
    Sungate one | The Hat Madrid | OK Hostel Madrid | Way Hostel | Room007 Chueca
  • Best hostel in Paris, France:
    Les Piaules | Le Village Hostel Montmartre | The Loft Boutique Hostel Paris | Generator Paris | St Christopher’s Paris Gare du Nord
  • Best hostel in Rome, Italy:
    The Yellow | Papa Germano | Funny Palace Rome | Hostel Des Artistes | Hostel Alessandro Downtown
  • Best hostel in Berlin, Germany
    Grand Hostel Berlin | Circus Hostel | Heart of Gold Hostel | Plus Berlin | Wombats city Hostel Berlin
  • Best hostel in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Clinknoord | Bulldog | Flying Pig Downtown | Flying Pig Uptown | Flying Pig Beach hostel
  • Couchsurfing in Europe

Couchsurfing is a super popular way to experience Europe, save money on accommodation and meet friendly locals.

  • Shot-Term apartment rentals and Airbnb

Short-term apartment rentals — especially Airbnb — have exploded in Europe and it’s one of our favorite ways to experience Europe’s cities. But picking the perfect apartment can be a little tricky so make sure you research enough before accepting anything.

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Backpacking Europe – Phase IV; Finding Accommodation
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