Best Travel Apps for Flights and Trip planning

Best Travel Apps for Flights and Trip planning

Catcher pouch as a crowdshipping platform will provide you some information on modern facilities like travel apps and how to plan your trip.

Catcher pouch as a crowdshipping platform will provide you some information on modern facilities like travel apps and how to plan your trip. Because of the modern tools, technology has produces some spin offs by which our lifestyle has been revolutionized. In this connection, there are useful Apps that can aid you for traveling purposes. The list is as follows:

1. is a one-stop travel app. You can book Flights, Hotels, Trains, Tickets and Tours, Rental cars, Airport transfers and Travel guide. By this app you can have access to various languages used. Because there are 19 different languages used. And the great point is that there is payment available in 25 currencies.

2. TripAdvisor

Trip Advisor is the best travel companion for travelers to search through every destination’s most famous places. Like cultural sites/sightseeing, restaurants, shopping malls, and most importantly their great recommendations. By this app you can book your flights, Trips, Tours and Accommodation through their application and website.

Trip Advisor

3. TripIt

“Unlike other travel apps, TripIt can organize it no matter where you book. So, as soon as you book a flight, hotel, car or other reservation, simply forward it to Because we’ll instantly add it to your master itinerary.” They claim.


4. Skyscanner

Many recognize Skyscanner  as a travel deals application. By this application you can also book/save your flights or Choose your flight. And skyscanner will suggest whether to book now or later, based on years of flight data-, Get the right hotel, rent a car, find inspiration and browse recent searches.


5. CheapFlights

The Cheapflights app helps you search, compare and book cheap flights. And also look for hotels from hundreds of airlines, travel agents and accommodation providers globally.


6. Expedia

By using Expedia application you can save up to %15 on your holiday. And you can book a flight+hotel together. Because of its wonderful help center, many people appreciate it!


7. Agoda

The Agoda application is one of the best tools for finding and booking the very best deals. By this app you can book any kind of accommodation or flights, anywhere in the world.



8. Trivago

Trivago only lets you to compare hotel prices and ratings through their application. So, it can be a great place for you to evaluate the budgeting of your stay in your destination. And also set your stay location near your must see sights.


9. Funliday

Funliday is a trip planning app that makes your trip easier. It helps you to manage your trips, find local attractions and get directions. So, you can easily explore all of the places you have interest in and simply add them to your itinerary. And you can also organize schedules and routes, as well as having access all other useful information for your trip. Hence, you cannot purchase anything in this application but aren’t there lots of applications out there that let you do so.


10. has grown from a small Dutch start-up to one of the world’s leading digital travel companies. And is a part of Booking Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: BKNG),’s mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world. Consequently, the good thing about is that it is available in 43 languages and includes over 28 million reported accommodation listings.

11. Klook

Klook is a world-leading activities platform. By using it, you can book tickets at the best prices and savings on day tours, trips and holidays. But the only thing the reviews on application claim is that the reviews are kind of filtered. As a result, there might be some missing negative aspects.


12. Packpoint

PackPoint is a travel packing list organizer and packing planner for serious travel pros. So, PackPoint will help you organize what you need to pack in your luggage and suitcase. And you can do this based on length of travel, weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip. Therefor, no purchase or booking you just need to organize your baggage.


13. CityMaps2Go

It is an ultimate offline map for travelers who want be prepare for going wherever they want. Certainly an offline map on your phone. To clarify, isn’t that what you have always wanted? Well you got it. Meanwhile, the only battery usage of this app is the GPS.


15. Context Travel

Context travel is a web based search engine which claims: Learn directly from an expert to visit the famous architecture sites, history sites, restaurants. In the meantime, there will even be guidance for tours to fit any time or budget including private tours, small group tours, custom tours and trip planning.

Context Travel

15. Localeur

This application’s mission is to make you feel local wherever you go. For instance, by connecting you to a local from your destination. So, This application aims to be more than just a guidebook. Most importantly is that the privilege of this application is you can hear local tips only but it is limited to the USA.


16. Travelmath in IOS and Tripcalculator in Android

Travelmath and Tripcalculator can forecast your travel budget. Likewise, you can calculate driving distance, flight time, closest airport to your destination, cost of driving, and more.
Above all, it is always great to know your budget beforehand and to be able to see how much cash you will be needing in this trip.

Travelmath in IOS and Tripcalculator in Android

18. Triplingo

TripLingo is the ultimate tool for international travelers. Learn essential phrases (in four slang levels!). That is to say, it instantly translates your voice or connects to a live translator without a misunderstanding. After that it gets a crash course on the local culture and so much more. In short, all in the app that was named the “Business Travel Innovation of the Year” by Fast Company.


18. XE Currency Converter

By XE, experience currency on the go. From rates to charts to global money transfers, XE puts all your currency needs into one app. In addition frrom providing exchange rates to quick and secure money transfers via XE currency converter application. In conclusion, it is all you need in an app.

XE Currency Converter



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Best Travel Apps for Flights and Trip planning
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