A popular technique and the backbone of the USP

A popular technique and the backbone of the USP

The United States Post Service, 1870s!

A catcherpouch was a mail bag used by Railway Post Offices of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. It used for exchanges onto moving trains. The specially constructed catcher pouch could enable the catcher mechanism to grab it. This technique was familiar as “mail on the fly”. Starting in the 1870s the use of this technique of the Railway Mail Service was an important issue in the US. It was a popular technique and the backbone of the United States Postal Service through the 1930s.

The catcherpouch mechanism and how the catcher man catches it!

The catcherpouch mechanism and how the catcher man catches it!

The old man is back again!

Our team is going to reconstruct the mysterious Catcher Pouch totally to become the most popular “parcel on the fly”. But how? Catcherpouch is a web/web-app platform. Individuals are able to send/received goods or order an item to shop over the globe. The catcher mechanism in here includes travelers and commuters inside the land or abroad.

What’s the role?

The aim of Catcherpouch is to benefit of the free spaces in every traveler’s luggage and the growing number of passengers. Because of numerous numbers of travelers all the world and the huge opportunity to provide novel services which are useful. Like buying from online shops or airport duty free shops from everywhere. So, just check the website and enjoy the service!

It is interesting to note that Catcherpouch services are free of charge until further notice. Because you are able to make your deal on our crowdsourced website by paying online or upon delivery it will be beneficial. It’s up to the parties of the deal. Generally, we recommend you to choose our secured online escrow account payment. So, it has a little legal charge only. But it is a guarantee for both parties to fulfill their commitments. As soon as both parties announce the completion of the process, the cash will release from our escrow account.


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