Catcherpouch, Works Powerfully Simple!

Crowdshipping (crowdsourced) delivery is going to make a huge change!

Crowdshipping (crowdsourced) delivery is going to make a huge change. As a matter of fact, conventional post methods might bring you some inconveniences. The service might be overpriced, do not shop online for you, do not meet your schedule or do not deliver your item at all.

Here, Catcherpouch backs you up

Some can save money while some others can make money!  

The crowdsourced platform enables individuals who will to send items including documents, legal medicine, gift, souvenir, etc. So, a traveler can catch it, deliver it and earn a reward for the service. On the contrary, the sender would pay a lower rate of charge while expands their network of friends and probably enjoying a faster service!

Also, there are items around the world which might not be available in every corner, are fake or the price is extravagantly high. You just need to make your order on Catcherpouch crowdshipping platform and wait for a traveler to accept it. This could be from Amazon, eBay, duty free or local shops. Then pay the fee and just wait for it to be in your hands!

It is interesting to note that Catcherpouch services are free of charge until further notice. You are able to make your deal on our crowdsourced website by paying online or upon delivery. It’s up to the parties of the deal. Generally, we recommend you to choose our secured online escrow account payment. It has a little legal charge only. But it is a guarantee for both parties to fulfill their commitments. As soon as both parties announce the completion of the process, the cash will release from our escrow account.

In brief, Catcherpouch crowdshipping platform covers you as a sender/receiver or a shopper all over the world and travelers as delivery service providers. But this is not all! We will introduce more services.


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Catcherpouch, Works Powerfully Simple!
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