Packing; expert packing tips you need for smart packing

expert packing tips you need for smart packing

Ten Super Smart Tricks to Pack Your Suitcase Like A Boss

Packing is not the most interesting part of the travel but it surely is one of the most important parts. Also, it can be a little stressful. So, to have all of your clothes, shoes and everyday necessities inside your suitcase may be the difference between a good trip and a great one. This blog with the aid of “Travel or Die trying” blog will help you to pack like a professional traveler.

  1. Roll your clothes, Don’t fold them

    When you roll your clothes in your suitcase, it helps you to save up more space than when you fold them. But remember to roll your clothes softly. So you won’t need to Iron when you want to wear them.

    Roll your clothes, Don’t fold them

  2. Use vacuum packed bags

    A vacuum sealed bag can reduce your storage space in luggage like you have never seen before-Experience have showed 50%-. put your suitable items in, seal the bag, and then squeeze the air out. This will leave you with lots more space in your suitcase.

    Packing; Use vacuum packed bags

  3. Follow the principle of the “Pyramid”

    Along the walls of the suitcase lay your shoes, then put on the bottom of the luggage your trousers or long sundresses. So that their edges could cover the entire packed clothes. Then roll non-wrinkle things and voila! You have packed your luggage the right way.

    Roll your clothes, Don’t fold them

  4. Avoid unnecessary accessories

    For instance, try to avoid umbrellas in your luggage, they can take up too much space that could be used correctly and you can always have alternatives for something like umbrella: Your rain poncho/raincoat.

    Avoid unnecessary accessories

  5. How to pack Toiletries

    Pack shampoo, body wash, and lotion in soft containers. And try plastic wrap under each container’s lid to avoid any mess in your luggage.

    How to pack Toiletries

  6. Packing accessories and little thing

    To save more space, try packing your socks and scarfs in a plastic and in your shoes. Try fitting you small electrical accessories inside the shoes, cosmetic bag, suitcase pockets and even pill case-They do work.

    Packing accessories and little thing

  7. Packing Formal clothes

    Is packing formal clothes same to informal ones? Of course not, are you kidding me? Do you want to go to trouble of finding laundry and ironing service in your trip? you should take a hanger, which can easily be hung on any hook in an airplane or train. Clothes arrive in a perfectly preserved state. The first step in packing clothes on hangers is selecting the right hangers to use. Use a hanger with a slim design to maximize packing space.

    Packing Formal clothes

  8. Packing pharmacy products?

    Try not to squeeze your home “home remedy kit”. Just take as much as you will need. Below is our preference on packable/unpack-able pharmacy products:

    . Tablets over liquids, gels and/or creams
    . Choose sachets and flat-packed tablets instead of tubes and bottles. Bottles are the ultimate space-suck.
    . Look for travel size packaging. Ask your doctor for sample size products that you can take with you on your trip.Packing pharmacy products?

  9. Choose the luggage size appropriately

    If you want to have space in your luggage is fine, but don’t put so much space, otherwise all your effort in packing will be wasted because of the transfer process to the airplane and vice versa.

    Choose the luggage size appropriately

  10. It’s not always bad to leave some things behind when you are traveling

    The case of laptop or camera, hair dryer and guidebooks can stay at home. So you can wrap your camera or laptop in a soft pareo or hoodie, and use electronic guidebooks. And always remember that you can easily find diving glasses, sunscreen, children’s toys and a straw hat in local markets and it is a souvenir too! Bingo!

    Packing; Roll your clothes, Don’t fold them


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