Catcherpouch, smart ways to use it

Smart ways to use Catcherpouch

As you may all know by now, Catcherpouch is a crowd delivery system. It provides a website for travelers and shoppers around the world to connect via Catcher pouch port.
If you are a shopper; place an order and a traveler heading your city will accept your inquiry and deliver you item to you.

As of 20 years ago, this system – a crowd delivery system – wouldn’t be necessary as today. Nowadays, there are so many immigrants all around the world and they want the scent and taste of their hometown in their home but it’s not always possible. Now with the help of catcherpouch you can have that along with 4 others;

1. Catch, Deliver, Earn

As a person who lives in 2020, I am aware of the cost each travel is going to cost me. So I think of all the ways to save money and what better way to save money than not changing your destination and even finding a new friend and getting rewarded for it!!

Next time you want to travel; don’t forget to search through Catcherpouch

2. Black Friday or other festive shopping holidays

Have you ever wanted to get dirty in a blackfriday shopping event but you are not there every year? You can send an inquiry on the website and a traveler already in the ques for the event will accept your inquiry. So, I suggest you not only reward them but buy them a coffee or Tea.

3. Cooking

Each country has its own food ingredients and spices and you may not be able to find that in another region. By Catcherpouch, you can post that on catcherpouch and you may find the traveler heading your way with your spice/ingredient.

4. Gift

You may send your gifts through Catcherpouch and avoid any extra cost (even last mile problem). Therefore, you get the gift straight to your relative or your friend abroad.

Are you ready to place an order yet?


Catch, Deliver, Earn


Smart ways to use Catcherpouch
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