Travel lover?

Travel lover? Here are a few must read blogs about it

10 Must Read Blogs If You Love to Travel

When it comes to traveling, I would like to be sure of where exactly am I going or where to eat local food. Or where to buy souvenirs from. Thus, Catcher pouch as a crowdshipping platform is ready to introduce you more tips. So, these 10 travel blogs are dedicated to letting traveler wannabes fabulous destinations across the world.

1. Traveling Lifestyle  

As one of the teammates says: “ We would like to build a community and a popular brand. The idea is very simple. travel & write about experience, adventures, freedom and share tips with fellow backpackers & digital nomads.” So I guess that suffices any explanation needed.

Love to travel?

2. Make Time to See the World

Vicki, a lawyer from the UK who’s been on the route for more than 9 years is trying to motivate and inform the world about everything that’s been underestimated.

Love to travel?

3. The Happy Trip

This blog is about travel, destinations, festivals and much more and was started in 2011 as a hobby and that’s what makes it so fascinating.

Love to travel?

4. La Jolla MoM

La Jolla Mom is the go-to resource for San Diego vacations and things to do. Therefore, readers rely on her(Katie Dillon) luxury hotel expertise. Because she lived in one of the best, and through her you have access to exclusive amenities at five-star hotels worldwide.

Love to travel?

5. Nomadic Matt

A New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and Ten Years a Nomad as well as the founder of this website! He also answers to commonly asked question s from him as below:
“How do I find the money to travel? It seems too expensive for me.”
“Where do I find the best travel deals?”
“Or How do I …

“save money on flights, accommodation, and other big expenses?”
“plan my trip?”
“stay safe and healthy?”
“maximize my time?”
“I want to travel more but I don’t know the first step.”

Love to travel?

 6. Just Travelous

Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body. But rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, with a beer in one hand, shouting: “Whohooo, what a ride”!
Yvonne Zagermann Reisebloggerin justtravelousIf you want to live your life like this and if you want to know how it is to travel the world and having fun while doing it. This is to say, JUST travelous is the perfect travel blog for you.


 7. Expert Vagabond

Budget travel tips, fun YouTube videos, inspiring travel photography, advice on nomadic living, and plenty of outdoor adventures with you from travels around the world. Certainly, it’s a place for people like you who are looking for daily inspiration & motivation to live a life full of adventure.


 8. Inspiring Travellers 

“Or at least to see the world! This is not just a blog for travellers. I want to inspire my readers, whether they’ve visited dozens of countries or barely make it to the next town once a year. Further, i believe that people should have access to the world beyond their doorsteps. Hopefully the blogs will get you thinking differently about what you’re working on at the moment, inspire you to take a trip or at the very least, entertain.“ Says Geert.



 9. Tourist meets Traveler

Looking to follow a family with children who travel and see their struggle and beauty of their life? In other words, just the right blog for you.




 10. Eurocheapo

Since 2001, EuroCheapo has been dedicated to tracking down and recommending the best budget hotels in Europe’s most popular cities. Interested yet?




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Travel lover? Here are a few must read blogs about it
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