Ways to Make Money Traveling


Nowadays you may be working thousands of kilometers from the company, a reality unthinkable a few years ago. You can make money while traveling!

The world has changed and so have the opportunities in the job market. Nowadays you may be working thousands of kilometers from the company, a reality unthinkable a few years ago. You can make money while traveling by Catcher pouch!

 How about if you’re working and… traveling?

Yes, this is possible! Traveling doesn’t just have to mean spending. There are smart ways to generate extra income while you visit incredible places around the world. In this post we will present seven ways you can think of applying to earn a buck on your travels!

1) Photography

We know that nowadays you don’t need to be an expert in photography or have expensive equipment to get good results with your photos.

Invest in a cell phone with a quality camera. And if you feel the need, there are several courses on the market to make wonderful photos with your smartphone.

Connect your camera’s grid, look for different angles, enjoy beautiful landscapes, look for alignments in the image such as the horizon, poles, trees and people, etc. The tips for taking better pictures with your phone are many, so research and dig deeper into the subject to get more and more cool results.

And then just sell those images. Create a professional Instagram where you show off your work (and who knows, you might not become a travel influencer and monetize your social networks too?), And take advantage of stock photos where you can let your photos for sale.

This tip requires persistence! You will not take breathtaking photos from one day to the next, and surely selling them will not be an easy task, but when the business hitches you can generate an income for you to travel even more. And the more you travel, the more photos you take and… voilá!

2) Rent your house or apartment

How long will you be away with your house empty? So how about renting your corner during this period?

There are several ways to rent your home. If it’s a long period, you can look for a real estate agent or take advantage of rental websites and apps like Quinto Andar , ZAP Imóveis and many others.


For shorter periods, you can use AirBnB , and other apps that provide this service. But remember to have a friend, neighbor or family member who can take care of the arrival of your guests, maintenance and cleaning of your home, in addition to checking from time to time if everything is right with your space.

 3) Work in hostels and hotels

 Many hostels and hotels around the world hire travelers with temporary jobs that they can add to their resume and still give that extra money to enjoy the city.

Search well in advance for places that accept this type of work, the conditions of the place, the functions, and make well-documented agreements with the owners, so no one can lose out!


 4) Sell ​​your talents

Can you play an instrument? Or maybe you are very good at crafts? So take advantage of these talents to make a buck while traveling!

This tip requires that classic courage and wooden face of those who present or sell something on the streets. Find a busy place in the city, preferably the tourist spots, and start playing, singing or advertising your art. If you’re doing a performance, don’t forget the good old hat on the floor to receive money from those who are enjoying your performance! And if you’re selling something, plan well how you’re going to present your product and attract people to your space.

Another talent that can be used a lot on trips is small home repairs. Do you know how to fix a sink? Make a door stop creaking? Fix small flaws in roofs? Enjoy! You can advertise on Facebook groups in the city where you are, for example, or pay for an ad in the classifieds.

5) Professions that allow working at a distance

Many current professions allow you to work from anywhere in the world. All you need is knowledge and a notebook!


Among them, the best known are the newest, as a programmer, designer, illustrator, photographer, but there are some that modernity has brought this possibility to, as a teacher (of languages ​​or subjects as reinforcement), journalist, and even customer service and telemarketing.

You can also choose to have a fixed job in a company, which is a home office and does not have the need for you to be in the company for long periods, or to be a freelancer, looking for your clients. For freelancers there are many sites where you can sign up to find jobs, such as 99Freelas , Workana , , etc. There you can find clients from all over the world and work from anywhere you want, whenever you want!

6) Find jobs that travel a lot

There are some careers that pay you exactly for you to travel! Wonderful, isn’t it?


Flight attendant and pilot, Cruising can also send you to many different places in the world.

Of course, to get a job in these professions requires a lot of effort, study and investment, that is, it must be a decision for your life if it is what you really want to do.

7) Take advantage of that empty space in your suitcase

Do you know when your friends ask you to bring electronics, perfumes, chocolate, etc., from your trip to them?


Well, you can do that for other people too and enjoy making money!

At catcherpouch you can sign up/Login and find out what packages could you deliver to your destination and get rewarded, taking advantage of that empty space in your suitcase to make extra money!

So as you know you have the power of choice whether you choose the easiest way of delivery to your destination or getting employed for a job that travels a lot, make sure you are living the life that you want!


Catch, Deliver, Earn


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