Catcher Pouch Shoppers FAQ

Shopper's FAQ

1. How does Catcherpouch work?

With Catcherpouch you can shop for products that are not available in your country or are too expensive to buy locally. Also, you can order or receive a package from your friend or relative. So here are 7 steps to do it properly:

1) Register in our website with your email address/Facebook/Gmail or LinkedIn account.

2) If you already are a user, let us know about the item you are looking for or you want it to be delivered.

3) Wait for travelers to make delivery offers.

4) Agree on traveler’s reward on Catcherpouch's communication port.

5) Agree on your payment method provided by Catcherpouch.

6) Meet with your traveler and receive your item.

7) Congratulations, you have saved money shopping and expanded your network. We ask you to rate your traveler and let others know about your network and experience.

2. How do I create an order?

There are few ways to create an order:

1) You have a ready to be shipped package and you want it to be delivered to you/someone else, so you just make your order and declare its value (if applicable) and then negotiate with the traveler who has accepted to deliver your package.

2) You purchase the desired item online and deliver the package to your traveler and coordinate the rest to your delivery point.

3) You are not able to purchase your desirable item yourself, so you post an order requesting a traveling person to your destination to purchase and deliver your package – Remember at all times, you and your traveler must coordinate with each other to make an order and Catcherpouch is not responsible for any communication or miscommunication. However, to have a secured payment for both parties you could benefit of our Escrow port option.

3. What can I order on Catcherpouch?

Catcherpouch is an on-the-way delivery service that connects people with stuff to send by travelers already heading that way; whether it is across town or country or even an international ride/trip.

4. What not to order:

Remember that with Catcherpouch you are connecting to a real person who will buy and deliver/ Just deliver you item to your desirable destination. Unlike shipping and courier companies, our travelers need to be able to fit your item into their suitcase –But you can coordinate with your traveler for being sure.

Items that are particularly large, heavy or bulky may not receive any delivery offers because it will be difficult to transport. You also should not order any item that is illegal in your country.

In addition, Shoppers are obliged to not order or request the prohibited items to be bought or delivered. *in your destination country and origin*

Some prohibited items include, but are not limited to:

• Objects, writings or substances in general whose import, export, production, circulation, distribution, use, possession, sale or transport are prohibited by law (Nationally and Internationally);

• Objects which, by their shape, nature or packaging can represent a danger for people, or which can cause damage or soil the equipment of the delivery person or goods of third parties (including packages);

• Chemicals, explosive, flammable or radioactive materials, infectious substances, carbon dioxide in solid form (carbon dioxide snow) or other dangerous substances which may constitute a danger;

• Perishable biological materials and / or infectious materials, live animals, parasites or products of animal origin;

• Objects with annotations on the outer side’s contrary to public order or to accepted principles of morality;

• Weapons, essential parts of weapons and ammunition, counterfeit weapons, knives, swords, daggers…

• Pressurized gases, toxic or corrosive substances, combustibles and organic peroxides;

• Counterfeit goods

• Currency

• Stolen property

• Alcohol

• Live animals

• Firearms, ammunition, explosives or chemicals

• Human remains

• Pornography or obscene materials

• Illegal drugs or regulated drugs (prescription) in violation of law (Nationally and Internationally)

• Any product or item related to illegal activities, such as the production of illegal drugs

• Any item that is prohibited by law in the place of origin, destination or any jurisdiction of transit through between origin and destination

• Batteries

• Aerosols or any flammable materials

• Knives, batons or other weapons

• Certain agricultural products

Generally, the traveler is responsible to check the prohibited items list in line with the local and international rules.

5. My order has no delivery offers.

It may have occurred because there are not enough travelers heading your city. We suggest that are you are flexible in the delivery dates so you get a delivery offer as soon as possible."

6. Can I message potential travelers?

You can send a message to any traveler who has made a delivery offer for your order and our website’s suggestion on our frequent travelers.

7. What do I do after I receive a delivery offer?

You can move on to the next step which is communicating with your traveler to discuss and coordinate the procedure of the purchase.

8. What is a traveler’s fee?

A traveler’s fee is the payment you make to your traveler for delivering, packing and sometimes purchasing your item. Remember to communicate with your traveler to settle on the amount you both agree on. We as Catcherpouch do not suggest any amount but we do suggest to communicate with your traveler so that you both agree on a same price.

9. What do I do after I accepted a delivery offer?

When you accept a delivery offer from a traveler, you will need to pay the full amount securely – Our suggestion: Escrow port set in Catcherpouch’s website- where your credit card on file is charged for the total amount of the order, this includes either the item price + delivery fee+ Custom costs or only the delivery fee+ custom costs to the traveler+ any extra fee that may get included in your order. Your payment can be put into Catcherpouch's secure escrow account and will only be released to the traveler after you confirm the delivery and release the code given to you on payment. Make sure to message your traveler to confirm order details like size, color and specifications so your traveler purchase/delivery is as you want.

10. I want to increase the traveler’s fee I have set. What do I do?

Make sure to include a message to potential travelers that you are willing to pay a higher amount in the notes section of your order.

11. Who pays for the item?

If you are not able to purchase the item yourself, you will request a traveler who purchases your desirable item after your credit is saved in our secure escrow, other than that, If you are able to purchase the item yourself you pay for the item and leave the responsibility of delivery for the traveler. You and your deliverer may reach a consensus on delivering the purchase and pay in cash directly. If there is an issue between you and your deliverer about payment, refund, etc. you may contact us and we will try to manage it. However, this method of payment is not recommended by Catcherpouch and We as catcherpouch will not take any responsibility for that.

12. Why do I need to pay in advance?

This is for the protection of both you and your traveler. Your payment is put into Catcherpouch's secure escrow account and only released to the traveler after you confirm delivery. This incentivizes your traveler to purchase and deliver your product as soon as possible.

13. What are the payment options?

We offer a secure Escrow port on our website, Other than that you can coordinate everything else between you and your traveler.

14. Is my banking information kept private?

Yes, after you enter your payment details, this information is transmitted directly to our payment processor. They use the highest encryption to keep your bank information private and secure."

15. How do I contact my traveler?

Catcherpouch has a built-in messenger where you can chat with your traveler directly. You can also use our messenger to coordinate a delivery time and place. If there is ever a dispute with your traveler, your messages serve as a written record. In the meantime, you may contact the traveler via their registered phone number or email if they have noted the permission

16. Where do I pick up my order?

Catcherpouch suggests that you and your traveler determine a time and a public place to meet for safety purposes. It is not recommended for travelers to deliver shopper’s order to their home or a private address.

17. What if my Traveler doesn’t show up?

If your traveler doesn’t show up, message them to schedule a new time and place to meet. Since they have not been paid for their delivery service, it is in their best interest to meet with you. If your traveler has not replied to you after several attempts, please email our customer service team so we can help.

18. Can my traveler use a courier service to deliver my order?

If you anticipate not being able to meet with your traveler once they arrive to your city, you can arrange for a local courier service to drop off your item. Catcherpouch is not responsible for lost items or damages. Please note that Catcherpouch is not responsible for shipping made via courier or third-party services.

19. What do I do if I want to cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before you accept any traveler’s delivery offer has been accepted from your side, if you accepted their offer and you want to cancel your order you have to let your traveler know and coordinate together.

* If your traveler has already purchased your desirable item, you are obliged to pay the fee."

20. What if my traveler cancels my order?

In the rare event that your traveler cancels your order, we will repost your order on top of the order list for it to have a higher chance of getting new offers. You can still accept a previous offer if you had received several offers before."

21. My order arrived without packaging.

Travelers often remove items from their packaging so that it fits inside their suitcase. If your item is valuable or you prefer to receive your order in its original packaging, please communicate this to your traveler ahead of time. If your item is difficult to pack with the packaging or requires a larger suitcase, your traveler may charge more.